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Criminal law

Ashmita Law Point specialises in criminal law cases related to rape, murder, forgery, kidnapping, theft and dacoity.  We are among the top criminal defence lawyer that can tactfully deal with criminal cases. This law comprises all the actions that are harmful to society. Moreover, it involves everything threatening, harmful, and endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare.

criminal lawyers

Constitutional law

The Constitution ensures all residents their basic privileges as well as shields them from any preposterous, inconsistent, or uncalled-for activities coming about because of the regulations or headings of chiefs or lawmaking bodies.

As needs, legitimate redressals are regularly looked for by residents under the watchful eye of the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India against the encroachment of their privileges.

Legitimate activities under the Constitution are for the most part specialized in nature and generally rely on legal points of reference.

Child Custody, Adoption And Surrogacy

Whether you are seeking a stepparent adoption, a domestic adoption, international adoption,  foster care adoption, or are interested in surrogacy, Ashmita Law point is the best Child Custody, Adoption and Surrogacy lawyer that can provide legal assistance from the start of your journey until you welcome your child into your family.

Child custody lawyer
Divorce lawyer in mumbai

Divorce Lawyer

Looking for expert advice in divorce matter?

We propose and advise on Indian matrimonial laws and legal system. We provide services and legal assistance pertaining to all Divorce and Separation laws.

We are best divorce lawyer in Mumbai.

Don’t suffer in silence, get the help of one of our expert divorce lawyer in Mumbai.

Civil law

Civil law refers to a group of decisions that represents and protects the confidential liberties of citizens and offers legitimate cures that might be looked for in a disruption. It is otherwise called the body of laws of a state or nation controlling general confidential issues, as particularly from regulations managing criminal, political, or military matters.

We at Ashmita Law Point address various government bodies, organizations as well as individual clients regarding their common case matters. We are best Civil lawyers in Mumbai and nearby cities.

Environmental law

We provide them with guidance on all aspects of environmental legislation compliance. Pollution control, consents and clearances.

Union of India, AIR 1987 SC 1086 the Supreme Court treated the right to live in pollution free environment.

One of several top environmental law advising and conflict resolution practices in Mumbai is Ashmita Law Point.

Corporate law

To assist clients foresee challenges and devising effective solutions, we depend on our experts in the Corporate, Taxation, IP Rights, Competition / Monopoly, Conflict Settlement, and Regulatory departments.

Our experience includes advising on strategic partnerships and alliances, complicated contractual partnerships, licencing agreements, product development, manufacturing, and supply alliances, among other commercial contracts.

We provide contractual and non-contractual business advice on privacy and data protection matters. Call Corporate lawyer in Mumbai now.

Employment Lawyer in mumbai

Employment law

We have extensive experience consulting on all aspects of employment law and contracts and advising on complex labour issues. The Ashmita Law Point practice assists companies in overcoming the numerous obstacles that the modern Indian industry presents.


Human rights law

Regardless of ethnicity, faith, ethnicity, caste, or views, human rights are based on decency, equality, and mutuality.

These fundamental human rights are universal: they apply to everybody, i.e. everyone on the planet; These rights are inalienable: they cannot be forcibly removed from us; Human rights, although being universal, inalienable, and indivisible, can be infringed, and such breaches can prevent persons from exercising their rights, but they do not prevent the rights from being.

Ashmita Law Point comprises dedicated, hardworking, and highly experienced legal professionals responsible for a wide range of tasks such as drafting crucial court documentation.

human rights law
Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law

Over decades, Ashmita Legal Point has grown to be one of Mumbai’s largest full-service law offices, representing various customers from various industries.

Plant varieties, designs, patents, trademarks, copyrights, geographical indications, domain names, biodiversity issues, sensitive information, and trade secrets are areas where our Intellectual Property (IP) attorneys can help.

Our legal and technical specialists work together to provide unique, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions based on our customers’ commercial, strategic, and technical objectives. 

Property law

Ashmita Law Point has represented various clients, including landowners, architects, construction firms, financiers, creditors, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). We can give commercial and result-oriented advice based on our expertise, knowledge of local regulatory challenges, and previous interactions with various state agencies and regulators. 

Call best property lawyer in Mumbai now.

securities law

Securities law

As Indian regulators ramp up enforcement of securities laws, Ashmita Law Point Securities Law and Regulation Practice have extraordinary knowledge in representing clients before the Securities and Exchange Board of India and other judicial fora.

Regarding contentious regulatory problems, we have vast expertise in providing best-in-class legal representation.

Ashmita Legal Point is a full-service law office in Mumbai with a focused Securities Law practice that focuses on securities lawsuits and conflict resolution. 

Cyber law

With the remarkable advancement of information technology, the modern world faces complicated difficulties from the Internet’s new borderless area. Cyberspace raises many legal difficulties that need in-depth understanding and urgent legal guidance.

Ashmita Law Point is characterized by highly skilled and qualified specialists such as cyber legal professionals, IT experts, IT consultants, and cyber forensic experts who have successfully resolved some of the most complex cyber cases, including cyber crimes, by collaborating closely with the Indian Police Department’s Cyber Crime Cell. 

Cyber law
Tax law

Tax law

Tax laws include a wide range of topics that affect people, small enterprises, and huge corporations. Because of the complexity inherent in this field, it is critical to get professional counsel.

Ashmita Law Point has some of Mumbai’s greatest tax attorneys. They have a thorough understanding of direct and indirect tax regulations, which is a significant advantage when offering tax advice.

We also assist start-up businesses on tax structuring concerns, both direct and indirect, and are widely considered one of Mumbai’s best tax lawyer.

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