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Ashmita Law Point has experience of more than 10 years and having past engagement with reputed chambers and law firms gave that vast exposure. Corporate Commercial, Criminal, including White-collared crimes and Economic offences, Banking and Finance, M&A, Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, etc. 

We are known to provide each of the clients with special attention and take utmost care in serving them in the best possible manner. We provide complete satisfaction to the clients, whatever the situation may be.

Our expertise is what allows us to be so credible in the market and the best lawyer in Mumbai. Our customers deserve to be treated as valued customers, and that’s why we do everything we can to maintain close relationships with them.

10+ Years of Experience

We have more than a decade experience in aiding our clients and families find the right path. With our experience, we make the experience of our clients amazing too.

Defining Success

We have a proven record of excellence as a Law firm. We strive to make sure that our clients receive the best resolution.

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Our Practice Areas

Criminal Defence

When it comes to proving oneself innocent and free from any fake criminal allegation, Ashmita Law Point is the one-stop destination to seek support. Get Legal Advice from Best Criminal Lawyer in Mumbai.

Divorce & Separation​

We propose and advise on Indian matrimonial laws and legal system. We provide services and legal assistance pertaining to all Divorce and Separation laws. Get Legal Advice from Best Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai.

Legal Services

With a full-fledged legal service knowledge and doing great work with the key areas like Trademark, Copyright, legal awareness camps, print media, digital media.

Domestic Violence​

Women have faced domestic violence in several forms from husbands or in-laws. You need a domestic violence lawyer to get you out of such situations and fight the violence caused against you.

Marriage/Civil Unions​

We propose and cater Marriage/civil union service on the basis of Indian Matrimonial Laws and the Legal System. We provide services and legal assistance pertaining to all the Laws Of Marriage/civil union.

Civil Lawyer

By Playing the role of a Civil Lawyer, Ashmita Law Point possesses the capability to solve all the issues related to property and business disputes, family disputes and torts. Get advice from top civil lawyers in Mumbai.

Property Settlements​

Ashmita Law Point advises its clients on different property-related subjects and drafts MOUs, lease agreements, leave and license agreements, etc. Get Legal Advice From Best Property lawyer in Mumbai .

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We keep cent percent authority of the records that are important to you. With our experience and top services, we strive to continue providing our clients with the best legal services.

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We provide you the best and unparalleled legal and customer services keeping you and your family in mind for a very nominal fee.

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AshmitaLawPoint believes in hearing you out and bringing out the best possible way with complete facts. With experience in client handling, our first step is to book a consultation. In this process we bring awareness about the rights that you possess.


With decade-long professionalism, we’ve been using our wel trained, best in the city lawyers to strategize a legal path to let your voice be heard in the court of law. We formulate solid strategies to bring justice to you, fast and tidy.

Take Action

We communicate and execute the best strategy to empower you in the court of law. We strive to deliver the best experiences and stand with our clients in their legal battle. Actions are necessary, they are steps meant to be taken. We do it for you.


Ashmita Law Point has been operating for more than 10 years. It is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has a proven record of excellence in helping clients with family matters. Ashmita Law Firm has the best consumer experiences to take and with their experience in handling legal matters, it does make Ashmita Law Point the best lawyer in Mumbai.

At AshmitaLawPoint, we believe in trust and loyalty. We establish relations with our clients because we understand them and their pain. Therefore, with complete information about any service the client opts to avail of, we formulate and understand the case to build the best strategy to execute our Legal steps.

We accept any payment method which you are comfortable with. At AshmitaLawPoint we are comfortable with Offline and Online payments methods. We have UPI, Debit card and Credit card, cheques and mobile payment methods accepted including electronic bank transfers.

You can contact our attorney via the online contact information provided on our website. We can be contacted via our email and via telephone. You can request an appointment with us through our website.

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